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Product formulation enquiries


Where do you source hydrolyzed collagen from?

We source our collagen from grass-fed beef from the EU. The addition of hormones to feed is not allowed in the EU.

How do you formulate your products?

We work with world-class R & D teams at each of our labs, each specialising in different formats or types of products. In the case of our ingestible formulas, the development work is always carried out by a dedicated team who have a specialist backgr

Where do you source glucosamine from?

The glucosamine that we use in JOINTS is derived from shrimp and crab shells. All our products are cruelty free.

What are your capsules made of?

The majority of our capsules are made from HMPC - a vegan, plant-based cellulose. Two of our formulas (Skin Hydrator and Joints) are delivered in a gelatin capsule, since the ingredients in these two blends need a different type of handling.

Why do you use Magnesium Stearate?

Some cheaper forms of magnesium stearate are made from animal fats, cottonseed oil or genetically modified oils. We would never consider using any of these routes as they fall below our standards. Our magnesium stearate is sourced from solvent-free,

Why do you use inulin?

Commercial inulin has a pretty bad reputation—and rightly so. It’s often highly processed and used as a bulking agent. The inulin we use couldn’t be more different. It nourishes the gut with prebiotics and is derived from 100% organic chicory and art