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How to manage your subscription

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How does your subscription work?

Our monthly plans are structured so that when you add a product or products to a plan, you’ll receive them each month without having to do anything to re-order and you will also get 10% off of your products! Receive your supplements on a monthly basi

Do I get free shipping if I sign up to a subscription?

Standard Delivery is free for all orders on £50/€75/$75 or above.

Why do you offer certain products in refill packaging for subscribers?

The main reason why we decided to implement our new Refill Pouches for subscribers is that this will cut the average package weight by 75%, which translates to a significant reduction in carbon footprint in addition to the reduction of packaging wast

I've received a refill in my first subscription order, why?

On the product page, there is the option to select a "Style" - from the drop-down menu, you can select to receive a refill or a jar. When you placed your order, you may have selected to receive a refill. We're sorry if you missed this!We do sometimes